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FORTIS-HR is a human resource consulting company based in Dubai, UAE.


We work with start-up, evolving & fast paced organizations to help develop & drive  change, implement simple, practical and efficient solutions to support client HR operations.


We provide innovative strategies to facilitate continuous improvement initiatives for the business to organically develop and  remain efficient, maintaining adaptability to the region's dynamic business environment.


Our combined experience covers successful projects implemented in both the UK and Middle East


We innovate and develop practical solutions to meet client’s business needs


Our Consultants provide a "hands-on approach" to make sure that everything gets done, walks the client through every process to ensure successful delivery of each undertaking.


The advancement of any undertaking is designed for us to be able to ensure transferability of know-how so that the organization would be able to operate and implement the strategies independently in the future.


We also make sure to document everything

  • HR Strategy

  • Executive Search 

  • Organization Design

  • Job Rationalization

  • Pay Strategy Mapping